Four Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding

Oscar is bowtie ready.

A pet is often a very important and loved part of your family. Therefore, it makes sense that you would want them included in your special day. Whether you own a dog, cat, rabbit or something more exotic, there is certain to be a way to get your animal friend involved. 

Of course, it is important to consider a few key factors. Firstly, think of your pet’s personality – if they’re not good with crowds, you might want to include them in the proposal or in some way in the table decor for the wedding, but it’s probably not advisable to have them at the ceremony. You want this day to be special and calm for you, not full of stress about whether your dog is barking at your guests. 

Secondly, talk to the venue and check that they’re happy with whatever you have planned. You might want to send a note to your guests as well – you don’t necessarily have to reveal all your plans, but it’s worth letting them know in case anyone has an allergy or fear, so that they can take relevant precautions.

Here, we give you some inspiration about how you can include your pet at your wedding.

Wedding Proposals With Your Pet

Including your pet in your proposal can be a lovely touch in making the moment personal for your partner. If your pet is particularly obedient, then why not get them to wait in another room, and then call them in at the perfect moment, with your chosen engagement ring attached to their collar?

Alternatively, you could have your pet sit in front of a sign saying ‘will you marry me?’ or dress them in a personalised outfit that is wedding-themed, such as a bow tie, when you pop the all-important question.

Using Your Pet as a Ring Bearer

Whilst arguably this will work best for dogs rather than any other animal, you could get your pet to carry a small basket containing the rings at the crucial moment in the ceremony. If you do this, just make sure that your pet is obedient – no one wants to watch the rings disappear off into the distance as their dog catches sight of a squirrel. If you’re not confident with their recall, why not get them to walk down the aisle with the bride or wait at the front?

This can also work if you want to include your pet but don’t want them there the whole day. Book a pet sitter, and arrange for them either to pick your pet up from the venue, or for a guest to take them to the sitter between the ceremony and the reception.

 Wedding Photos With Your Pet

Your wedding photoshoot is the perfect opportunity to get your pet involved in your day, as you’ll likely look back at the photos for your whole lives. Including your furry friend will add some humour to the photos as well, as they’ll get you and your guests smiling. 

Unless they sit perfectly still, it might not be best for any formal photos with your pet, but they’ll be great for natural shots of the three of you playing and walking together. Just make sure that you let your photographer know beforehand, so that they can advise on whether this is something they are also happy with. If you’re worried about your pet messing up your wedding dress or suit, think about including them in your engagement photos instead, since you’re likely to be wearing more casual clothes then. 

Using Pet Names for Your Tables

If you’re having a wedding breakfast, it’s likely that you’ll need to do a table plan with names for each table, to help guests find their seat. Why not name each table after a pet you’ve had (although this does depend on whether you’ve had enough), or name them after a place you’ve been with your pet and include a photo of this time on the table? This ensures that the seating feels personal to you and the pictures are bound to make your guests smile.

Looking for a Professional Photographer?

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