Dani Weiss Photography FAQ

How much do you charge?
I currently offer several packages or you can hire me by the hour. I am also able to customize packages to fit your needs. Additionally, I have teamed with design studios to produce beautiful digitally designed albums. I will be happy to discuss rates with you.

Do I get the digital files?
My rates always include the digital files.

Do you do your own printing?
While I have extensive printing experience, I enjoy a demanding shooting schedule. My images are printed to my exacting standards in high-end, professional studios.

Where are you located?
My home and studio are located in Atlanta, however the vast majority of my work is done on location.

Will you travel to shoot my event?
Yes! As we set up the details of the shoot there may be a fee to cover time and expenses. I will go anywhere.

What is the process to begin working with you?
Once you contact me we will establish if your date is available. If so, we can schedule a time to meet and discuss your event or individual need. At this meeting, I can provide examples of my work, and we can refine the details of a contract.

Events often require some special considerations, don’t they?
If the event is a large one, a second photographer may be required. Paid at an hourly rate, this photographer is another seasoned pro and will enable formal shots to happen quickly and in an organized fashion. All day affairs mean that even the sturdiest of professionals will need to take a break. Please provide a meal to both photographers. Travel is both time-consuming and expensive. Travel fees may be charged, but will always be clearly spelled out in a contract.

Do you have current clients who I can speak with?
I maintain a comprehensive list of clients who could provide you with honest feedback about my work. As we meet to discuss your needs, these references can be provided to you.

When are you available?
As you may have already found, experienced and professional photographers are in demand. I often book far in advance. Please contact me as early as possible if you are seeking a specific date.

How far in advance should I book?
It is not uncommon for bookings to happen as far as a year in advance. I will book dates on a first-come, first-served basis.

What do I look for in a photographer?
During a large event, such as a wedding, the photographer is often present at very personal moments. In addition to having experience and knowing what to expect, a professional will seek to guide you and your guests quickly and easily through the whirlwind of your special occasion. Look for someone with whom you are comfortable! Courtesy and competence, humor and stamina, a great eye, and being “all over the place” at the same time are a sign of excellence. It is not uncommon for the photographer to sense the pacing of an event and to keep it rolling. While you may choose a photographer by price, availability, the quality of work presented in a portfolio, or by recommendation, the key to great photographs of your event is communication of your “wants” with the photographer. Professional photographers can offer suggestions, and negotiate with you how they will work in advance.

What can I do to make sure the photos of my event are great?
A little planning goes a very long way. It is important to communicate what you believe you want captured. If you are working with a large group and desire shots of special combinations of people, it is essential that you provide the photographer with a comprehensive list of groupings. My portrait shot list is on my site and you may personalize it. Inevitably, those who want to limit formal, group shots wish they hadn’t, and hosts who only request formal shots end up wishing that they had caught more of the “fun” of an event. Establishing a list of groupings, a general itinerary of the days’ event, some notes about special guests – any clues that you can provide, will help focus the eye of the photographer. Having a discussion about the planning process, along with details such as time of day, lighting in the hall or outside, and other details helps a lot. Finally, on the day of the event, enjoy yourself and leave the photography to the photographer. This may be easy or it may be hard for you, but in either case I have album upon album of successful events where the photos are great. I know yours will be, too!

Do you shoot sensitive subject matter?
I have extensive experience photographing births, pregnancy portraits, and nudes. Due to privacy issues with my clients I have chosen not to post very many of them online.  Please contact me to discuss your needs in greater detail.

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