How to Create Hilarious Memories with Awkward Family Photos

funny family photo of grandparents with grandchildren - awkward family photos

Family portraits are important to document a family’s dynamic through the years. Every few years, Dani recommends having another family portrait session to see the changes a family goes through. Family members have different hairdos and different styles through the years.

Children age, go through funny phases, and may even have children of their own to start including in this ongoing picture book that tells a family story. Family photos aren’t always the most exciting event, but they don’t need to be boring or stressful. Including the pets is always great.

Dani has several ideas to make the experience fun for everybody – regardless of age! Thirty plus years of experience will do that. Discover how to create hilarious memories with awkward family photos.

Be Creative and Silly With Awkward Family Photos

Dani has been doing this a really long time and knows that the best way to break up the frustration of trying to get the perfect serious photo is by throwing in some fun for the kids and adults alike. Feel free to bring some props, and expect that an entire session will have a couple of silliness breaks where maybe you’re laughing too hard for a good picture. Try different funny outfits or maybe make silly faces!

Whatever it takes to break up the boredom that creeps into pets and children and the tension that leaks out of the adults. Leveraging landscape, props, wardrobes, and even each other to create classic opportunities for fun in motion is an excellent way to make memories while that will last a lifetime while you’re at a family shoot!

Bring Personality

A good photographer wants you to get the most bang for your buck so that you pass on your experiences to new clientele… Dani is no different. With that in mind, you need to bring your personality and ideas to photoshoots. Working together with the photographer and her ideas will give the best variety of photographs, angles, and captured moments. It will undoubtedly yield the desired portfolio that you, as the customer, are looking for.

Don’t be afraid to speak out when you’re not excited about or comfortable with something. Feel like it’s a safe space to create a moment that will be reflected on your family’s faces. If the family is into a particular sport, let’s incorporate it! If y’all are musically inclined, bring some instruments. If everybody is entirely different and struggles with each other’s interests – display that! You’d be surprised what a little personality can do in a photograph.

Let’s start making these memories together and documenting your family’s growth and evolution every couple of years. Clients will get their own login to the website and can search for their sessions after Dani completes the photographs.

Call or text Dani at 206-409-9982 with questions or if you want to set up an appointment. With your creativity, personality, and Dani’s mix of talent, hard work, and experience, awkward family photos can become hilarious memories that will last a lifetime!

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