Ben & Marc Marry after 11 years!

When Ben and Marc met over the internet 11 years ago they instantly hit it off. They discovered that they both loved to be active with goals and aspirations, but also had a strong desire to have a family.  Ben and Marc are enjoying being a support system for one another and two young boys with whom they’ve adopted. Being the family-orientated pair that they are, when it came time to having their wedding ceremony it only seemed most fitting to have it in their own home. Little did they both know what a wonderful relationship would blossom from the phrase, “follow me” and the family that would grow from it when he agreed to “follow him.”



Photographer – Dani Weiss Photography

Cake – Kelli’s Creations

Caterer – Herban Feast Catering

Florist – Flowers on 15th

Rings – Custom made by a  New Mexico artist

Suits – Banana Republic

Ties – Nordstrom


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  • Maria Del RioBeautiful photos and beautiful wedding. Thank you for sharing, it felt like I was there seeing it all happen.

  • Robbie LouqueTwo beautiful, brilliant, loving people who I am so blessed and previledged to know. Love you guys so much. Wish I could have been there on this special day. Can’t wait to see all of you soon!

  • Luis TrivinoCongratulations to you both! You look EXTREMELY Happy!!

  • lisa longLovely.


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