5 Things To Prepare You For Your Family Photoshoot

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Having professional family photos taken is an important part of documenting your family’s life. Each beautiful picture captures a moment in time, despite how much hustle and bustle normally exists in modern schedules. It can be overwhelming to schedule a photography session for the first time, as the idea of trying to get everyone to look their best and smile at the same time and place can seem impossible at times. Here are five things to keep in mind as you prepare for your family photoshoot

Let Kids Know in Advance

Some parents don’t let their kids know about the upcoming family photoshoot, preferring to surprise their family on the day of the session. This typically isn’t a great idea, as it can create anxiety. It is better to let kids know about the photography session in advance so that they have time to mentally prepare themselves and can go to the shoot without any surprises. 

Prepare What You’re Going to Wear

After you schedule the family photoshoot, it is time to think about what you plan to wear. It can be a good idea to purchase new outfits for the occasion, as clothes that haven’t been put through many cycles of the washer and dryer tend to look better and crisper. You won’t have to worry about stains that won’t come out or worn clothes. Plus, it is easier to find an outfit that coordinates perfectly if you buy it all at the same time. Please be sure to avoid prints, patterns and logos. This keeps outfits clean and simple. Being too matchy-matchy looks a little too staged. Having outfits that compliment one another is the best idea. 

Eat a Snack Beforehand

No one has a lot of patience when they are hungry. That is why it is important to eat a filling snack before the session. Just keep in mind that you don’t want to eat too much beforehand, as you don’t want to feel bloated and sluggish. Also, plan to brush your teeth after eating to ensure that you don’t have any food particles stuck in your teeth in the pictures. 

Communicate the “Why” to Your Family & Photographer

It is easy for others to dismiss the family photoshoot as unimportant or silly, especially if they don’t understand why it is important to you. If you let them know how having great pictures can capture how much everyone has grown each year or how you never get to have photos as a whole family, this can help spouses and children commit to the process, too. When everyone is invested in getting great photos, there’s a better chance you’ll end up with great pictures. 

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Plan to leave extra early for the family photoshoot. We all know that things can happen when trying to get out of the house with kids and pets. Someone can forget their shoes in the house or need to go to the bathroom one last time. By planning to leave early, you give yourself plenty of time to get to the photoshoot location without rushing. 

Ready for Your Next Family Photoshoot?

Hiring an experienced family photographer can go a long way toward ensuring success during your next photoshoot. They’ll have strategies to get everyone to look their best, at the same time. To schedule your family photoshoot, call Dani Weiss Photography at (404) 907-4970 or use the contact form on the website. 

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