Hadar and Alec were married at Tibbetts Creek Manor!

It is unusual for Seattle to be so hot in the summer but Alec and Hadar tied the knot on yet another very hot day in August at the beautiful Tibbetts Creek Manor in Issaquah, WA .

Hadar and Alec met through a mutual friend in Spring 2008 and hit it off immediately. Their first date was a Passover seder at the UW Hillel. Over the coming weeks their love blossomed as they bonded by attending pub trivia, sharing music collections, and frequent walks around Green Lake.

Alec “proposed” co-habitation to Hadar in the Winter of 2009 during a snowy forest walk in Leavenworth, WA.  Alec was terribly nervous before hand, and when Hadar accepted his offer he felt like he was walking on air! The next few years brought shared responsibilities and the adoption of a kitten (the notorious Porter), while Alec and Hadar supported each other through two difficult years of graduate school. This time living together in Seattle was a blast and erased any doubt in their minds–they wanted to spend their lives together.

In April, 2011, Alec surprised Hadar with an exquisite ring that he fashioned from a gum wrapper. Though he didn’t officially pop the question that day, he expressed his intention to propose in the near future, and to get her a “real” ring to do it with.

On June 18, 2011, Alec and Hadar left town for a relaxing over night trip to Semiahmoo Resort, in Blaine, Washington. Unbeknownst to Hadar, Alec had the ring in a little jewelry box in his pocket all day. He was waiting for the right moment to pop the question. Once they arrived, they headed out for a walk on the beach. The jewelry box that held the ring was equipped with bright LED lights that turned on when the box was open.  Alec wanted to use the glowing jewelry box to dramatic effect, and it wouldn’t look as bright in the sunlight. What was the brilliant plan he came up with? “Hey look,” he said to Hadar as they walked along the beach, “A hollow log! Do you think any animals live in there? I’m going to go check it out.” He ran to the hollow log and peered inside. “OMG! Hadar, come look!” he backed away and beckoned Hadar to come take a peek inside. Hadar was wary. “What’s in there? There better not be a dead animal in there.” There was no dead animal, or if there was, she didn’t notice it, because when she looked inside the log, she was blinded by brilliant, celestial rays emanating from the ring. Stunned, and crying tears of joy (one hopes) she sat down on the log. Alec quickly took a knee, asked the question, she said yes (!), and he slipped the ring on her finger. Easy as that.

One of the nicest things Hadar and Alec did was donate all their flowers at the end of the wedding to Seattle Floranthropy who donates them to hospitals and care facilities. They will pick them up and it is tax deductible. Such a great idea!


Photographer: Dani Weiss Photography

Venue: Tibbetts Creek Manor

Rabbi: Oren Hayon of Hillel UW

Caterer and Dessert: City Catering all gluten free!

Florist: Elizabeth Designs Company

Invitation: Designed by the Bride, Hadar and paper and ink by Catprint

Gown: Designed by Jasmine Couture and purchased from Melange Bridal in Austin

Suit: Capra and Cavelli in Austin

Hadar’s Ring: The Jewelry Source

Flowers donated to Kline Galland Home through Seattle Floranthropy

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  • JewelAlec & Hadar…such a beautiful couple…may you have a happy marriage.
    The photo shoot was absolutely brilliant!…loved it!!!…kudos!!!


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