What To Wear to a Couples Photoshoot

A couples photoshoot is a beautiful way to remember a particular time in your life. You don’t need to celebrate a big event like an engagement or wedding to have photos done by a professional.

Getting professional photos taken with your special someone is a fun experience that leads to long-lasting memories. Your love for your partner will shine, expressing what makes your relationship unique. This is our ultimate guide to choosing the outfits that will let your personality shine through.

Choosing Outfits for a Couples Photoshoot

Now that you’ve decided to have a couples photoshoot, the next consideration is what to wear. You’ve probably seen pictures of couples wearing clothing inappropriate for the weather or season. All you noticed was how uncomfortable they looked.

You’ve also encountered photos of couples on social media where the outfits distracted from the people in the picture, whether they matched too well or had bold patterns or logos. Ideally, you and your partner should be relaxed, at ease, and free to be yourselves without any gimmicks.

Here are our best hints and tips for choosing the right outfits for a couples photoshoot:

Shop From Your Closet

Even if you can afford to go out and get the perfect outfits for your shoot, consider shopping from your closet first. You’ll be able to find clothes that represent who you are as a person and as a couple.

Wear Neutrals

Many photographers advise that people wear neutral colors to shoots. Sunlight on vivid colors like red will reflect on your skin, causing discoloration in the picture.

Wearing trendy colors might cause your photos to become dated quickly. Think about neons from the 1980s and 1990s. Remember that not only black, white, and beige are considered neutrals. Shades like navy, maroon, and olive green are neutral as well.

Skip Bold Patterns and Logos

Bold patterns and logos printed on clothing distract the viewer. When a loved one looks at your photos in ten years, you will want them to remember how you and your sweetheart looked, not what brands you were wearing.

Coordinate, but Not Too Much

Coordinating with your partner is great, but matching too exactly may backfire. Avoid matching outfits because they blur the visual distinction between yourself and your partner. If you wear white shirts and blue jeans, you and your partner won’t stand out against the background or against each other.

Choose Clothes You Can Move In

Photographers love to pose people in unexpected ways. Since they will be asking you to stand in different positions, make sure that your clothes and shoes are comfortable to move in. Don’t wear an outfit that makes you pose stiffly and unnaturally.

Watch the Weather

You should be aware of your location’s forecast, including the temperature, sun level, and wind. If it’s going to be windy, ensure your hair is secure. Bring plenty of extra hairspray and bobby pins just in case. Wear sunscreen under your makeup because professional shoots could take longer than expected.

Bring One Formal Outfit Each

It’s OK to dress up for a couples photoshoot as long as you’re comfortable. This may not be the time for spike heels, but a gorgeous party dress or dapper suit is perfect. Be playful and have fun, and your photographer will pick up on your energy.

Bring an Extra Outfit

Photoshoots can be unpredictable. It pays to bring one different outfit for each person just in case clothes are torn, stained, or wet from the rain. Your photographer may also be inspired to go in a different direction and need an alternate outfit.

Relax and Be Yourselves

Many couples shy away from having professional photos taken because they don’t enjoy being the center of attention. A quality photographer knows how to put people at ease and coax them into opening up for the camera. With gentle coaching, anyone can be the subject of a fantastic professional photo.

Working With a Professional Photographer

Choose someone who has experience working with couples outside engagement and wedding shoots. Select a photographer with an extensive portfolio and many satisfied customers. Ideally, find someone whose subjects are clearly having fun and whose personalities shine out from the page or screen. Contact Dani Weiss Photography today to set up your couples photoshoot.

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